About the company

Open Joint Stock Company «Ural Institute for Industrial Design» was founded in 1955 as a branch №2 of the State Specialized Design Institute GSPI-7 (Moscow) focusing on design of test and industrial facilities of SDB385 (now — GRTs “Academician V. P. Makeyev State Rocket Centre”) and Zlatoust Machine-Building Plant.

In 1970-1980 the Institute was a general designer of industrial objects in Miass, Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk, Ust-Katav, Saratov, Nizhnya Salda, Voronezh, Orenburg, Novosibirsk, Berdsk. In 1986 it has the status of an independent institute. It was incorporated in 1992 (incorporated enterprise), from 1996 — Joint Stock Company.

After semicentennial active work the “Uralpromproekt” became one of the largest design institutes of space-rocket industry and the leading institute for industrial design not only in the Chelyabinsk area, but also in the entire South Urals region.

Since 2004 there is active work on oil and gas refining in Perm, Surgut, Dzerzhinsk, Nizhnekamsk.

Today the Institute has highly skilled experts in all specialties, extensive informational and engineering base; it is equipped with modern multiplying techniques, personal computers and software.

It has an experience in cooperation with foreign companies (Germany,the USA). A further fruitful cooperation with permanent customer and search for new partners is planned.

Enterprise structure:

— design departments;

— departments of engineering survey for construction;

— departments of support services.

Main activities

Performance of design and exploration works in following directions:

— objects of space-rocket industry, machine-building and instrument-making manufactures:

— chemically and fire and explosion dangerous manufactures and objects;

— objects of civilian designation;

— engineering survey for construction.

Key functions in the structure of Roscosmos

Implementation of justification of investment, technical and economic substantiations, and design and estimate documentation for construction (expansion, reconstruction, modernization) objects of development and manufacture of space-rocket products.

Participation in space programs

National programs: Vostok, Sojuz, Cosmos, Saljut, Mir, “Energia-Buran”.

International programs: “Sojuz-Apollo”, the ISS.


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